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NEW Products From Young Living Essential Oils Convention! June 2013

believe convention 2013 header

Just wanted to give you a visual of what the new products look like.  The only picture I do not have is of the Slique Energy Bars.  More info to come.  Today is day 3 of convention.  I am not there this year.

I thank all who provided the pictures from Salt Lake City and for all the info!  Great stuff!

According to Young Living Product Support all products will be available to purchase this coming Monday, June 24, 2013.  Sometimes it ordering the products get delayed, hope not this year!  :)

I have only 1 technical sheet right now which is on the Ningxia Nitro (see below)  :)   Will be available after convention is over.

Stay tuned for more info!!

If you are interested in purchasing anything that you read about, please contact me using the contact form on my blog or go to: and click on sign up here (for free) or call YL Customer Service at: 800-371-3515 and give them my YL Distributor Member No. 513738 and they will help you with your order (you are required to have a distributor’s member no. to place an order).  I will be happy to assist you!





oils from around the world!

oils from around the world!

From Simply Essential Mom Via FaceBook: The Exotic Oils collection – Exclusive to Young Living!

Includes: Plectranthus Oregano, Amazonian Ylang Ylang, Xiang Mao from Taiwan, Yuzu, Micromeria from Israel for relaxing and fresh breathing, and Biblical Sweet Myrrh for creating health and purpose.

Sweet Myrrh from Arabia introduced and good for skin diseases, cuts & bruises.

Hong Kuai from Taiwan high in sesquiterpenes a 2000 year old essential oil and builds confidence & balance.

Xiango Mao from Taiwan sharpens mind and creativity.  Xiang Mao is a species of the lemongrass family… And Hong kuai is a species of Cypress! In Taiwan the new Xiang Mao “Aromatic grass of rapid enlightenment”.

New Yuzu EO from Japan for cleansing and anti-aging. Yuzu EO by YL is hydro distilled @ partial pressure – 56 degrees.




NEW Reformulated Oil!

NEW Reformulated Oil!

NEW Reformulated Believe Oil 2013  – now with Idaho Blue Spruce & Ylang Ylang

Believe essential oil blend has been reformulated!

Now with Idaho blue spruce and ylang ylang from the Young Living farm in Ecuador and has a pleasing aroma that is both grounding and invigorating. The blend contains Idaho balsam fir and frankincense essential oils that may encourage feelings of strength and faith.

Primary Benefits:
* Encourages clarity and enlightening thoughts
* Brings a sense of peace and awareness and is spiritually grounding.
* promotes relaxation and confidence

The new blend contains: Idaho Balsam Fir, Coriander, Bergamot, Frankincense, Idaho Blue Spruce, Ylang Ylang, & Geranium.






A look at the NEW Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste unveiled at convention!

NEW whitening toothpaste!

NEW whitening toothpaste!

Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste is a premium, all-natural toothpaste made with 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, including the powerful and exclusive Thieves essential oil blend along with other health-promoting ingredients. Its global formula is safe and effective, without any fluoride, dyes, synthetic ingredients, or preservatives unlike most commercial brands. AromaBright’s formula provides a fortress of support for healthy gums, strong teeth, and a confident smile. It is the optimal choice for health-minded consumers.







NEW essential oil sample packs!

NEW essential oil sample packs!

NEW Essential Oil Samples Packs 2013 – do not know enough about these yet.  will know more soon…………

NEW & Reformulated Thieves Dental Floss!

NEW & Reformulated Thieves Dental Floss!

NEW reformulated Thieves Dental Floss –

NEW Oola Balance & Grow Essential Oils  – More Info To Come On This1

Oola Balance and Oola Grow Kit

 Via Young Living Corporate From Facebook:  Some of you have been asking about the new Oola oils.

Oola Balance essential oil blend includes:  lavender, caretrii, blue spruce, Ecuadorian ylang ylang, ocotea, Harmony, and The Gift essential oils.

Oola Grow contains: Young Living’s Highest Potential, Acceptance, Motivation, Valor, Into The Future, and Douglas fir essential oils.

For more information about Oola, visit the Oola Facebook page!

Here is the website for Oola Life, take the tour!






NEW! Add it to your Ningxia Red for more energy and stamina!

NEW! Add it to your Ningxia Red for more energy and stamina!

From Simply Essential Mom via Face Book:

What’s ningxia nitro? Wolfberry extra with oolong tea with b vitamins..2-4 hour energy with just one nitro…but add it to a shot of ningxia juice and u get 6-8 hours of 100% pure natural energy.

“Energy and Life-we have a deficiency of Energy because of the way we live, eat, sedentary lifestyle. We tend to …look for a synthetic boost to get another hour out of the day. Energy drinks currently on the market are frightening with their constituents. Extracted from Oolong Tea, and made from Gods constituents– use it straight out of the container for two to four hours of energy or add to your Ningxia Red drink. This will give you energy for six to eight hours. Forget trying to create more time, create more energy to create more production in the time you have. Ningxia Nitro to help you have more energy!”


Ningxia Nitro - NEW!

Ningxia Nitro – NEW!






DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this web/blog is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness, dis-ease or condition and should not be used as a substitute for “seeking professional medical care of your choosing” It is intended for educational and information purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.

For more information on these life changing products, please contact me at:

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