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Ways To Get Rid Of Coxsackie Virus (Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease)!

Protect Yourself From All Kinds Of Infections!

I have just recently heard through a neighbor that in New Jersey there is an outbreak of Coxsackie Virus (also known as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease).  It affects babies and children and is a highly contagious viral infection that can also be transmitted to adults as well.

Fortunately, Young Living has therapeutic grade essential oils that can get rid of the viral infection fast.

I have never had this virus, thank god.

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In order to prevent this from happening to your child or yourself, keep your immune system constantly boosted.  Core health is so important.  80-85% of our immune system is in our “gut” intestinal tract.  Using probiotics and drinking Ningxia Red, which is full of immune boosting compounds and naturally contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids one would need in order to stay healthy.  I drink several ounces on a daily basis.  It is also very high and rich in antioxidants, which further prevents free radical activity or damage.

For the adults – using products like YL’s Inner Defense capsules  will boost the immunity and get rid of whatever viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold that is lingering in the body.  Great for all kinds of infections (viral, bacterial, fungal).  Thieves Oil is a must have oil always.  I keep a small bottle in my purse.  I also keep the Thieves Hand Sanitizer in my purse as well.  YL also carries Thieves wipes which Moms (or anyone) can carry around to wipe off toys, hands, shopping carts, in bathrooms,  etc. esp. if your child is in daycare.

I also recommend drinking Ningxia Red Juice.  I drink it daily.  What they recommend on various websites is to drink Pedialyte or Gatorade both of which can be unhealthy for your child to drink for many of them contain lots of sugar, chemicals and toxins, which can feed a virus/infection.  From what I hear Gatorade can dehydrate you.

Here are some great oils for viral infections, esp. if you are dealing with Coxsackie Virus:

Great For Getting Rid Of All Kinds Of Infections!

Thieves, Oregano, Thyme, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree), Mountain Savory, ImmuPower, Melrose, Purifcation, Frankincense, Raven & R.C. Oils.  Then there are Raindrop Technique Oils.  Note:  When using YL’s oils on babies and children, please use caution.  I am not an expert on coxsackie virus.  Always highly dilute the oils with Olive Oil or YL’s V-6 Mixing Oil.  The oils are very powerful when applied “neat” to the body, therefore dilution is highly recommended.

Here is a testimonial from someone who’s child had coxsackie and used YL oils:

Diffusion is also essential when dealing with any kind of viral or bacterial infection.  It will get rid of the virus/bacteria/fungus, which is airborne.  I love diffusing Thieves Oil, works wonders with mold, viruses and bacteria.  You can use Lemon & Thieves together.  You can diffuse Purification Oil on its own.  You can make your own blend for YL’s well diffuser’s but I only suggest using 2 oils at a time together, because it can clog the diffuser.  You can also take an empty YL oil bottle and make your own blend and use it in the Therapro Diffuser, which I also love, because it has a timer on it.  You decide how often it turns on and off and how long it diffuses oil!

Last but not least, clean hands!!  I love using Thieves Foaming Hand Soap  at home.  When I am away I have my Thieves Oil and Thieves Hand Sanitizer.

Mouth sore in a young child
(Image ©Mediscan)

Here is info from the Center For Disease Control (CDC)

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common viral illness that usually affects infants and children younger than 5 years old. However, it can sometimes occur in adults. Symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth disease include fever, blister-like sores in the mouth (herpangina), and a skin rash.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is caused by viruses that belong to the Enterovirus genus (group). This group of viruses includes polioviruses, coxsackieviruses, echoviruses, and enteroviruses.

  • Coxsackievirus A16 is the most common cause of hand, foot, and mouth disease in the United States, but other coxsackieviruses have been associated with the illness.
  • Enterovirus 71 has also been associated with hand, foot, and mouth disease and outbreaks of this disease.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is often confused with foot-and-mouth disease (also called hoof-and-mouth disease), a disease of cattle, sheep, and swine. However, the two diseases are caused by different viruses and are not related. Humans do not get the animal disease, and animals do not get the human disease. For information on foot-and-mouth disease, visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this web/blog is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness, dis-ease or condition and should not be used as a substitute for “seeking professional medical care of your choosing”  It is intended for educational and information purposes only.   This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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